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Equine Bodywork

 As fellow equestrians, we know the struggle of battling soreness and stress with your horses. Let us do our part by keeping your horse feeling their best so that you can enjoy every ride with them! Our top priority is your horse's well being. This is why we offer such a wide variety of services to you!

What We Offer

Body Work Packages


Sore No More

  • 30 minute massage focusing on relaxing tense muscles

  • Body Alignment

  • 15 minute PEMF session

  • 10 minute stretching session



Pregame Power Up

  • 30 minute massage focusing on increasing range of motion

  • K-Taping for joint support

  • 15 minute cold laser session focusing on movement

  • Equi-Resp Session



Relaxation Complete

  • 15 minute PEMF Session

  • 30 minute relaxing massage

  • 10 minute stretching session

  • 10 minute cold laser session for relaxation


For any occasion you may need, we are here for you! Check out these packages to get a discount on our services!

Travel Policy

I will travel for services of any amount for no charge up to 30 miles. For services extending that, I travel for $0.50 per mile over 30 miles. The charge will be applied driving both ways when necessary. The travel fee will be waived if I am booked for services equaling $250 or more in the same location on the same day. Locations 150+ miles from me must contact me before booking to allow for accommodations to be made. 

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