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Body Alignment

During a body alignment session a tool is used to input neurological signals into the horse's soft tissue. This allows the body to realign itself by "resetting" any miscommunications between the brain and the body. Body alignment allows the body to reset naturally through soft tissue release rather than manipulating the horse's bone. This makes it a lot less invasive approach to aligning the body.

Who Benefits

from Body Alignment

Body alignment is a non invasion approach to aligning the body making it suitable for nearly all horses. Horse's who experience tense muscles, large workloads, muscle soreness, or TMJ issues can all benefit from a body alignment session.

Horses who have recently experienced trauma or an injury can also benefit from body alignment sessions. A horse's soft tissue can hold in lots of tension that we cannot see or they fail to express. Body alignment reveals hidden tension and soreness, bringing it to the surface so that the healing process can begin.

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